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Why is the speed of a cryptocurrency exchange important?

One thing is certain, the financial market consistently undergoes changes. If we had to reflect on the past events, we can provide many examples as evidence. Starting from October 2008, the Dax lost almost 6% of its market value. And in twenty-four hours it lost another 8.9% due to losses on the Tokyo Nikkei. It all happened within one day. This same situation is applicable to the cryptocurrency market. The changes happen rapidly. To give another example, in November 2017, within a short period of five days the value of the Bitcoin dropped from USD 7,888 market value to USD 5,555. This is a 30% fall in value which happened within such a short period.

If you are making plans to buy Bitcoin or to exchange Altcoin, the duration of the transaction is very important. Considering the rapid changes in the cryptocurrency market, it is difficult to estimate the changes that will occur from the moment the order is issued. In many cases, transaction values may differ from those that were expected based on the calculations.

This is why it is very important to find the right cryptocurrency exchange service to use for all your transactions. Only the use of professional tools can save time during the process of fulfilling orders. The longer the lead time, the greater the difference in comparison with the target amount.

This is why we have created Xchange.me – It is a fast tool for buying cryptocurrency. Thanks to the complex algorithm used to develop Xchange.me you can find the best rates while it offers you the quickest way to buy the currency you need from the markets featured in our database. After submitting a transaction, the process of exchanging your cryptocurrency begins. And after identifying the best rates for your transaction, we proceed to purchase the currency for you. At the end of the transaction we will transfer the coins you have exchanged to the wallet address you have provided.

Let’s discuss how to get started practically; It is very easy. All you have to do is visit our website https://www.xchange.me. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to exchange with and exchange for to proceed. Our algorithm will estimate the best price and fastest way to complete your crypto exchange. Then, you will be prompted to provide a wallet address where you would like to receive your coins. To finalize the transaction, we will generate an address for you to send the amount of crypto you would like to exchange with. The process will begin immediately after you send the coin value for exchange. After that, the coins you have purchased will be transferred to wallet address provided.

In some cases the value may be different from the estimated figure- this is due to the rapid changes in the market as described above. However, with Xchange.me you have an assurance that your transaction will be processed and completed within the shortest possible time. We provide this fast solution so we can charge our users a fair exchange fee of only 0.5 %.

There is also the possibility of getting a discount on the exchange fees charged for our services. To benefit from this commission, you need to hold at least 200 EXCC coins in your Xchange.me wallet.

It is also important to note that on our platform Xchange.me, the exchange transactions are anonymous and secure. We do not make it compulsory that you must register an account on our website before using our platform. The steps described above can be performed without creating an account. However, should you choose to create an account, we only request your email address which will be used to send you important notifications. Your password will be secured and encrypted. We also use an advanced DDoS protection system to reduce the chances of data being compromised.

So don’t waste any more time searching for the best way to exchange crypto. You can rely on us to do the job for you- as fast as possible. Thanks to our fast system, you will always get the value of coins closest to the estimated value after every transaction.


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