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What does it mean to HODL?

As an investor in the cryptocurrency market, it is essential that you become familiar with various techniques commonly used in the stock exchange. Experienced traders who are knowledgeable in the field of market analysis can use different technical, analytical methods to predict the future value of cryptocurrencies. These processes involve the use of graphs and diagrams which the experts study to determine what is called ‘signals.’ These signals help the traders to understand the market trends and apply their strategies accordingly.  Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we would like to discuss the technique called HODL.

Many beginners who have been fascinated by the cryptocurrency industry will be wondering what HODL or HODLING means. You may also have come across this term on Facebook forums, online group chats and other forums. As you may have guessed HODL is similar to the English word ‘Hold.’ In this particular context, it means holding cryptocurrency in your wallet. HODLING cryptocurrency is a strategic plan used by traders to speculate until the cryptocurrency makes more profits or covers up for losses. This is the function and practical application of the HODL technique.

The term HODL was first used on the internet forum called Bitcoin Talk by one of the active participants. On December 3, 2013, Bitcoin archived its new All Time High (ATH). Due to the appreciating value of the Bitcoin, new investors were tempted to buy BTC. However, their enthusiasm did not last long because, on the 18th December 2013, the value of Bitcoin crashed.

Within a short period, Bitcoin has lost more than half of its market value (From $1068 to $522).

In the midst of the tension, one of the investors participating on the Bitcoin Talk forum under a strong emotional influence created a new subject titled “I’M HODLING”. He went on to describe how he has no knowledge about the proper ways to invest cryptocurrency. So he had decided to hold his Bitcoins with a speculation that it will eventually appreciate to make up for the losses. The idea was accepted by the community, and from that day many of the cryptocurrency investors started referring to a long-term cryptocurrency investment as HODL.

So, is it a good idea to regard cryptocurrency as a long-term investment? Many investment experts believe that currently, an investment in cryptocurrency is the best way to use your FIAT assets. Many analysts recognize our EXCC coin as one of the best coins that has been strategically positioned to ‘go to the moon.’ At this point, the situation in the cryptocurrency market is bearish. This means that the prices of crypto are very low regarding the FIAT values. At some point, the boom will begin, and many coins including the EXCC will start gaining a higher market value. Therefore a long-term investment in crypto is a good position to be as an investor interested in reaping additional profits.

The most important thing to remember is planning with a smart strategy. When HODLING, only invest in assets you are willing to ‘freeze’ for a long period. Do not consider this investment type to be a bank deposit. Monitor the current news; listen to the whispers of experienced traders. Research and develop new sources of information to help you determine the best moment to end your investment with the highest possible profits.

Hodling is always a good option for investors who have just started their ‘adventure’ in the cryptocurrency industry as well as the experienced users. To ensure that your selection is very reliable, always plan your strategy according to valid information and details. You should form the habit of regularly visiting online forums, related Facebook groups and other sources where you can ask questions and get more information to help you stay connected to the world of cryptocurrency. We encourage you to explore our platform Xchange.me; it is a great place to find cryptos that are worth HODLING. Click on the following link to visit our website https://xchange.me, and make a selection from our extensive portfolio which features the most suitable cryptocurrency for your investment.

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