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How to exchange one cryptocurrency to another?

There are different types of cryptocurrency exchange websites on the internet. You will find good sites, but some platforms should be avoided. We want to offer you our unique services at Xchange.me. Here you will have access to one of the best solutions for exchanging cryptocurrency online. Our internet based cryptocurrency exchange service is a fast way to exchange one crypto to another through anonymous transactions. The process is simple and quick.

Are you wondering how it is done? Allow me to explain the process in a few simple steps.

To exchange your cryptocurrency, you need to visit our website; https://www.xchange.me. When the page loads, navigate to the crypto selection menu located at the top of the page. First, select the crypto you would like to pay with to proceed. After this selection, you will be prompted to provide the value of cryptocurrency you would like to exchange. At this stage, you will be directed to another selection menu where multiple cryptocurrencies will be offered from which you will select your preferred coin for the exchange.

After this is done, our algorithm will search all the available crypto exchange markets in our database, and within seconds you will be presented with the cheapest exchange rate for the crypto you selected. If you accept the transaction rate, proceed by clicking the exchange button to continue the process. On the next page, you will be required to confirm the deal and accept the terms of service and conditions as described on the https://xchange.me/exchanger/terms page. To continue, click the exchange button.

The next step is about your cryptocurrency wallet. You will be required to provide a valid address where we can send the exchanged coins. Please remember to double check every data submitted to us because the blockchain technology does not permit the cancellation of transactions. It is impossible to retrieve coins that have been sent without the involvement of the wallet’s owner.

The final step is the payment for the transaction which is made to the wallet address generated by Xchange.me. As soon as we confirm your payment, our algorithm will purchase the currency at the current market price and the value will be sent to your wallet.

The amount of coins you exchanged may vary a little from the earlier estimated value. This variance is caused by the rapid changes that occur in the cryptocurrency market. Within a few seconds, the stock market value of the crypto you chose can change. Remember that we only charge a 0.5% exchange fee. However, you can enjoy our discount on this fee if you hold at least 200 EXCC coins in your Xchange.me wallet.

From the description above, you can understand that the process is simple and mostly automated. You can safely perform any transaction with just a few clicks. Most importantly, your transactions will be processed anonymously. Xchange.me handles all the needed formalities for you.

Enjoy safe, fast and cheap transactions with our cryptocurrency exchange service today at https://www.xchange.me.


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