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Which crypto should I buy and why?

The history of cryptocurrency began in the year 2009. This was when the Bitcoin was invented. However, until 2013, nearly no one knew about its existence. Since 2013, the cryptocoin market has evolved to become almost unrecognizable when compared to the past. It grew to a size that was never expected. Currently, there are more than 2000 cryptocoins available in the market. However, the big question is, are they all worth adding to your portfolio? Moreover, which of this cryptocurrency is a good investment?

It is quite impossible to predict the future events that will take place in the cryptocurrency market. The opinions among the experts have also been divided. Many analysts predict that the cryptocurrency market has a definite end, while others believe that the cryptocoins are here to stay with us forever. At this time we know that the popularity of cryptocurrency is steadily rising.

The best strategy at this point is to hodl some of the best cryptocoins. We can only predict how long the bearish cryptocurrency market conditions will last. However, according to the current statistics, the top 100 crypto coins have continued to occupy a low position on the charts. Investing in multiple coins is, therefore, a smart move because at least a few of these coins will make up the losses and eventually generate a considerable amount of profits.

Hodling is a good strategy as long as you plan to start a long-term investment with your assets. It will be worth your time to first examine your chosen cryptocurrencies in the market before investing. This is done by carrying out an appropriate background check on the cryptocurrencies you are interested in adding to your portfolio. Cryptocurrencies associated with a reputable project have a higher tendency to offer real value. They can be used as inner application currencies, for example as a method of payment or a medium in the crypto exchange.

As long as cryptocurrencies have a direct ‘in use’ value, they will exist in the stock market.

To give some examples, we would like to show you some hypothetical applications.

The inner currency is commonly used by applications such as the game trading applications and the affiliate programs. Cryptocurrency will continue to be in use regardless of the market value. The coins are also associated with alternative and anonymous methods of payment. This means whenever you transfer your funds, there will be no official trace linking you to the transaction. This is the right time to buy cryptocurrency with the features described above.

Another example of cryptocurrency you should consider is the coins used as mediums in crypto exchanges. This is a specific type of currency that is only used for exchange. Its function is to simplify the blockchain based transaction process. For this investment, we suggest the use of our EXCC Exchange Coin. This crypto coin was created by innovative and an experienced team of developers. They have developed a logical and feasible roadmap for this coin which makes it worth investing your assets.

From the discussion above you should have a better idea regarding the type of crypto coin you should choose for your investment. You need an undisputable confirmation that the selected crypto technology is better than the others. There are so many crypto coins because creating a new cryptocurrency is not a complex process. However, creating and sustaining cryptocurrency that will last for decades is only achievable by the best crypto engineers. Behind every successful crypto project, you will find a brilliant team. Research to find more information about the CEO of the crypto you plan to invest in, find out what kinds of investors are backing their project. And most importantly, learn how they handle real-life issues. Send queries to the support team, to know their response time, be curious, ask questions, and observe how they address your doubts.

Keep this in mind- you are mostly responsible for protecting your assets. Nobody will do the hard work for you. Once you have invested, monitor the market value, how decisions are taken and implemented and how these actions correspond to the promises made in the roadmap.

We are happy to inform the entire public that our cryptocurrency exchange service xChange.me is backed by the latest innovative technology in this industry which makes our processes fast and secure. It is the perfect advanced tool for the exchanging cryptocurrency.

We have a wide range of currencies listed to be exchanged for, currently, there are over 200 coins, and this number is expected to increase. Visit our site at http://www.xchange.me to have a practical and pleasant experience with our responsive and reliable service.

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