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Where to buy cryptocurrencies?

At the moment the internet is the only host for cryptocurrency trading. There was an outrageous report of a popular criminal scheme when internet users were encouraged to buy ‘physical’ bitcoins as an equivalent to the real virtual bitcoins. This sounds funny, but the list of victims deceived by the trader during this fraud was very long.

We hope our readers are more cautious regarding the protection of their assets. It is very important to check the source of your cryptocurrency seller before purchase. If you are not sure about the right way to proceed, we will be discussing some examples that can guide you in this post. You will learn the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies at this time.  

To begin the process, you need a wallet. It is not a regular wallet for keeping physical money. The cryptocurrency wallet is a special code address, which stores all kinds of information about your crypto. There are many exchange sites and crypto trading sites that can generate a wallet for you. Each crypto has its unique address signature so you cannot store many types of cryptocurrencies in one address. To find the most suitable crypto wallet, you should look out for particular factors. Wallets providers may offer different transaction fees. The commission percentage fees charged depends on the level of security offered by the service provider and the methods of handing out your accumulated assets.

Some services offer to sell crypto through transactions done using banking platforms; these transactions are most probably invigilated and checked by your banking system. In addition, they may offer anonymous debit cards or other ways to pay out cash directly from the ATM. The choice is yours, regardless of your decision based on discretion or peace of mind. There are many types of virtual wallets for cryptocurrency. However, the example described above is the fastest and easiest way to get your first wallet.

The centralized market is a possible source of your first bitcoin purchase. You can select many payment methods using FIATS. Bank transfer or credit cards are popular methods attainable in the typical banking system that allow you to buy any cryptocurrency. Many of these services offer a private wallet where you can store your purchased coins.

Many of the centralized exchange systems demand a high fee for their services (up to 3.99%). However, you may not be able to remain anonymous by using these services because they require your ID/passport (depending on your home country) and banking details.

The FIAT option can only be used to purchase some selected popular crypto coins. To purchase cryptocurrencies commonly called the ‘altcoins,’ you need to use a cryptocurrency exchange service. The altcoins can only be exchanged when you have some of the base cryptos such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. available for the exchange transaction.

Xchange.me is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange services that has been suitably developed for the exchange of cryptos for altcoins. We offer over 200 altcoins which are exchangeable with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Groestlcoin. The advantage of using Xchange.me includes fast, and fully anonymous trades done at a fairly low exchange fee.

Another way to buy cryptocurrencies is by doing a P2P trade. P2P is an acronym for peer to peer; it simply means that it is possible to buy crypto such as the bitcoin directly from another owner. You can trade with cash by arranging a physical meeting with the other cryptocurrency owners to purchase the crypto you need. It is also possible to use one of the P2P trade services to work as a broker for your transactions. This type of trade may not be very safe or anonymous. You may observe that the rates are more attractive than the other trade options but the whole process is time-consuming. Considering the highly unstable nature of the crypto market, transaction time is of the essence.

While you consider choosing among the transaction options to purchase crypto, remember to visit our site at http://xchange.me and read more about our cryptocurrency exchange service. Thanks to our innovative and advanced tools we may offer you the best price for altcoin exchange at a very low commission. Visit our website to learn more about our discount program and start exchanging your cryptos now!

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