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Exchanging cryptos
New interesting cryptocurrencies.
To invest or not to invest, that is the question, especially in terms of new cryptocurrencies.

2018: Cryptocurrency Investments and the latest coin options.

The year 2018 is expected to be the start of a breakthrough moment in the currency market. Many technologically advanced cryptocurrencies have been introduced to the market. The creators strive to beat the competition by offering more innovative solutions. At the moment, the catchy names and social media campaigns are not enough to attract the needed investors. The cryptocurrency market is becoming more technical and mature (you can read about this market trend in our blog post about the EXCC strategy on the excc.co blog). The creators of new coins need to develop effective and innovative solutions to survive in the market.

Is it worth investing?

We have repeatedly stated that the cryptocurrency market is very dynamic and unpredictable. There have been no remarkable increments in prices, and this is still the best time to invest in cryptos. There are many interesting new cryptocurrencies introduced into the market; many of them have promising white papers. However, we recommend that the background of these projects should be properly checked before you invest. In the next part of this post, we will present some examples of new and innovative cryptocurrencies that you should consider regarding investment.

ARK, the.

Is ARK the long expected salvation among the endless sea of new cryptocurrencies? It has been described as ‘a lonely boat’ breaking through the infinite sea of cryptocurrencies, gaining a higher position in the popularity ranking. Will it get crypto to the ‘new promise land’? We believe that ARK has the potential to achieve this. The developers of ARK have promised to achieve a milestone in the blockchain technology. They claim that their project is supposed to be a platform that combines other blockchain-based technologies. Sounds promising?

We believe in this project, mainly because they share similar values with us; they have invested in a new model of decentralization, and are transparent in their code- sharing it on GitHub. The developers also believe in collaboration. As regards this project, we keep our fingers crossed.

And what’s more, we discovered they are creating a new amazing technology, it is called…


The ARK team have stuck to the KISS rules (Keep It Stupid Simple) while developing the SmartBridge technology. They are bringing a solution which is a code tasked to communicate with other block-based cryptocurrencies. The implementation of such a solution is supposed to be simple. Thankfully, because of this innovation, we will receive an effective and functioning cross-platform solution. It will be possible to conclude contracts based on Ethereum, with the ARK wallet. In addition, ARK offers an innovative ledger system- Delegated proof of stake. This solution makes it possible to select a group of representatives. With an ARK in your wallet, it is expected that additional profits can be generated; this value has been included in its current market price.

Cardano (ADA)

When choosing a cryptocurrency, asides from considering its innovation, another aspect that potential investors study is the perception and feedback from the market which determines the value and position of the new cryptocurrency. Cardano is notably a very interesting project; it has been described as a third generation cryptocurrency among the public audience. The first was BitCoin, and the second was Ethereum. The most popular global cryptocurrencies have one common problem- scaling. The creators of Cardano have promised to solve this problem. Instead of presenting the public a white paper, they have taken a more practical approach to provide documentation to experts around the world to get a confirmation regarding accuracy and validate the suggested results. The developers of Cardano promise to develop a cryptocurrency without problems to offer features such as…

…Interoperability, scalability and sustainability.

New cryptocurrencies - one coin to rule them all

The creators used complex algorithms to accelerate the functioning of the blockchain significantly. They will attempt to send metadata to enable it to work with banking systems. Interestingly, they have created a system of rewarding developers who offer solutions based on specific technology used to improve the system. A new cryptocurrency that is expected to unite all. One coin to rule them all!

Facts, not Fantasy – Exchange Coin (EXCC).

This post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t present our EXCC coin in such a summary :). EXCC is one of the rare cryptos that has its features reflected in real products – recently the team launched the crypto exchanger Xchange.me, and is working on 2 new products: decentralised crypto exchange, and mysterious Xult product. Additionally, after the new version of blockchain implementation, it is one of the safest crypto coins on the market.

The EXCC coin is transparent in areas such as communication – letting investors know about all the changes regarding the coin and products, reporting to investors through similar processes used by the listed companies at traditional exchanges and publishing information about tech-based aspects of the product. Additionally, the EXCC team can boast of having the best customer service among other coins and exchanges – they reply in less than 24 hours solving any issues raised by their users and investors.

Safety is our middle name.

We have put in much effort to make the EXCC a modern and safe cryptocurrency. We have taken up the challenge to create a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake system. As a mining PoW, we used the Equihash algorithm, however, to ensure that 51% of potential attacks are averted; we used a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus. Thanks to the security measures we have established, EXCC is very safe, and you can easily stake your coins. Security is not only dependent on IT measures. We plan to allow private and zero knowledge transactions in the future versions.

Do you wish to invest?

All new cryptocurrencies discussed in this post can be easily obtained through our Xchange.me service. Thanks to the innovative algorithms, we are able to obtain the best prices on the market and guarantee our clients the fastest time to complete the transaction. Xchange.me also offers commissions. We offer additional discounts to users who have EXCC in their Xchange.me wallets. Waste no time; get acquainted with the fastest exchange for cryptocurrencies in the market today.

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