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Affiliate Program – The other way to earn money with cryptos
Would you like to increase your income? Read about our Affiliate Program and find out how to earn some cryptocurrencies with ease!

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate or Referral programs are one of the most popular ways of establishing collaboration between users and owners of a company through web applications. Thanks to these opportunities, it is possible to form a partnership between the user of a portal and its owner. By recommending the portal to others who might be interested in its services, you have the opportunity to earn interest from every transaction completed through your referral link. Xchange.me meets the requirements of the crypto market and also offers a wonderful affiliate program. By participating in our affiliate program, you can earn up to 50% of the exchange fee from transactions done by new users who found and used our services through your recommendation. Interested?

Creating an account.

The first thing you need to do to join our affiliate program is to set up an account. Go to http://www.xchange.me and click on the “Sign up” tab. To set up an account simply enter your email address and password, read T&C and PP policies, mark the check boxes and finish the CAPTCHA verification. If everything is correct, the login page will load on the screen.

Using our Affiliate program features.

affiliate program cryptoTo use the affiliate program, please go to the “Affiliate” tab. The “Your referrals” subpage will contain all the information about the transactions done from your referrals. You will be able to find out your current income from the Xchange.me recommendations and the number of views your referral link gets. The white frame below displays a full list of transactions done through your referral link. There you will find your referral email under the “Referral” column. Below the “Comes from” tab you will find the information indicating the website from where an affiliated link was received. Thanks to this feature, you will know where most of your referrals come from.

The “Registration Date” will indicate when the user created an account using your link. “Your income” column shows the commission you earned from a particular transaction. Thanks to the tools we provided for our affiliate program users, you can trace and determine the best and most effective methods of sharing your referral link. You will know exactly when, where and how much you have earned using the Xchange.me affiliate program.

We made it easy for you.

affiliate program crypto

To make our affiliate program user-friendly and convenient, we have provided our partners with the right tools. In the “Promo Materials” section you will find a generator of referral links – which, depending on your preference, can be generated in a coded form or with your email address. All you need to do is select the solution that interests you from the “Encrypted or decrypted referral link” drop-down menu and our application will generate an appropriate referral link for you automatically.


Do you own a blog or website? Use our generator to share your referral link!

If you run your website, blog or forum, you can use our banners to share your referral link in a graphic format. The only thing you need to do is to select “Banner size” from the drop-down menu. This is the size of the graphic representation you are interested in and then choose the format in which you want to present your referral link. You can choose a direct link, HTML code to paste on your website or a code that you can share on any forum. Thanks to the attractive graphics feature the visibility of your reference will be increased, and you will gain more potential transactions!

Xchange.me is a good product.

Xchange.me is not just an affiliate program. It is a good product that defends its position in the market by offering low exchange fees to all users and very short transaction time. Thanks to the high level of security you can safely use our application to exchange cryptocurrencies. This is important when you care about the well-being of your recipients. Xchange.me is a product worth recommending.

Earn more with us now! Take advantage of the Xchange.me partnership program today. Earn high commissions and generate passive income from your websites or forum activities. Allow your viewers to reward you for your hard work. Start partnering with Xchange.me – the fastest cryptocurrency exchange service in the market! Check how Xchange.me works!

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