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How to keep anonymous while trading crypto?

If there’s anything crypto traders should keep in mind while trading it’s this: if it’s not anonymous, it’s not safe.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in market capitalization, therefore attracting increased government scrutiny, crypto traders should be aware of the risks they face when their identity or private information is insecure. Anonymity should be a priority for any trader interested in maintaining security and privacy.


The best way to maintain anonymity while trading crypto is to minimize putting personal information into the public sphere, whether that’s into the hands of crypto exchanges or by registering for specific crypto backed services. Fortunately, crypto exchanger services like xchange.me offers full anonymity to its users through its innovative and secure exchanger service. The beauty of Xchange.me rests in its simplicity. As an exchanger, it’s proprietary algorithm searches multiple exchanges for the best rates, thereby allowing the user exposure to the arbitrage opportunities of multiple exchanges from within one accessible platform. Xchange.me’s exchanger offers full anonymity to users by facilitating trades without the need for registration.

Unlike many of other exchanges, Xchange.me requires no registration or personal information. While optional registration gives users access to the affiliate program and discounts, registration is not required to use Xchange.me’s crypto exchanger. Traders can rest easy knowing that anonymous transactions are permitted without the need to register or go through any lengthy verification process. Whereas crypto exchanges like changelly offer similar crypto exchange services, they are not anonymous. As users have to proceed through a lengthy registration and verification process should they wish to trade.

Depending on where exchanges are registered, regulations can vary. Exchanges registered in some jurisdictions. Such as the US, suffer from over-scrutiny and over regulation, requiring users to upload valid government ID, proof of residence, and signed application forms. By registering their company in the Marshall Islands, Xchange.me is able to operate in a jurisdiction with a commitment to strong privacy laws, thus maintaining anonymity and safety for its users.

Fortunately, for crypto traders concerned with surveillance, data insecurity, and general anonymity, Xchange.me offers an innovative crypto trading platform without the risk of personal data being exposed.

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